woensdag 18 januari 2012



A wide variety of things
probably comes into your mind
when you think of that word.

As my first felt project of this year
I wanted to make a start for the "felt-along" :
thirty odd people, who love felt in all it's aspects,
who sometimes like to set themselves a goal
to make, under the same denominator,
something interesting out of

The "felt-along" is held for the 8 th time
but this is the first time I 'm participating,
because I thought it was fun to give it a try !

" Gefässe aller Art "
(all kind of containers / vessels)

Lots of ideas were tumbling through my head,
lots of things to try

and this is what I've come up with !


I thought this name was appropriate for the form I made
And, container ... ?
well you could put in
some pencils ...

little pieces of paper with little poems written on it ...

some beautiful stones ...

some flowers (in tiny glass pots) ...

or whatever you like !
nothing !


... a bit of the making-of ...

So far, this will be my entry,
but there might be others :
lots of ideas left !

( My next step will be to post it on the other blog
being my "felt-along" contribution )

15 opmerkingen:

  1. I love this, Els. It's simply wonderful!

  2. Ich habe Ihren Blog heute Abend entdeckt und ganz angesehen. Ich habe die wunderbaren Bilder sehr genossen. Danke dafür weiterhin ein frohes Schaffen. Liebe Grüße von Ate

  3. Beautiful! I thought accordion at first glance. Maybe it could even hold more fiber or threads! Will be looking to see what else you do under this theme.

  4. Oh Els, I love them. I can see one for iPhone container. Another one with a flap. Great idea - Enjoy Nat

  5. I absolutely love your Concertina, Els. So much reminding me of flower bells. love, sus

  6. Schöne Farbkombination!
    Liebe Grüße

  7. Hi, Els. I like the form and colors of your Concertina--very pretty.
    best, nadia

  8. fabulous! love the shape & colors- they could hold many things, but are lovely just as they are.

  9. Beautiful! LOVE your colours and what an interesting and unique shape
    Deborah x

  10. I love these just the way they are...at the same time it would be fun to see what you put in them.

  11. Oh yes, I could find many uses for a wonderful vessel like this!!! And those colours are so beautiful.
    What an imagination you have...love it!

    Jacky xox