vrijdag 27 januari 2012

mad hatter ?

There are many things I want to try.
I mean : that I want to try making things.
I'm always curious if my craftsmanship
is good enough to create something I see
that someone I admire has done.
Most of the time it's then that you realize that making wonderful things
takes a lot of time and a lot of practice !

Felting wasn't "my baby" in the beginning
but when I realized how it worked, in the way of planning ahead,
I started to like it very much.

But making a felted hat ...
no I hadn't done that,
probably because I like hats, but I think they don't look very good on me .....

So when a friend said she wanted to make her own felted hat
I agreed to give it a try, because I know how it's done ...
Last Monday she came over and we both started making a hat !
It was a fun day, talked a lot,
had lunch ...
and in the end, there really was a hat !
(mine was still in a premature state because my main task was helping her) 
Yesterday I continued where I left off on Monday

I chose the same colours and the same fabric for the "nuno"
as the bag I made some months ago

And after a LOT of serious rolling and gentle throwing
this was the result.
There are still some linen threads visible that I used
to keep things in place during the process.
After it has dried completely I will remove those
and be the proud owner of a homemade hat !

(but no, I don't think I will compete with Alice's Mad Hatter !)

13 opmerkingen:

  1. beautiful hat. so professional looking. i too love hats but don't wear them. i still have several in my closet that i will not part with. maybe some day i will wear them again.

  2. VERY pretty - love the colors - they should beat any cold and rainy and snowy day! :-)

  3. Awesome hat! And your assitant looks just like mine (maybe a little heavier).



  4. Wow! Looks beautiful. I love the little knot on top.
    I love hats but don't wear them either.
    Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog. I was inspired to do more craft with my grandchildren after seeing what you were doing.

  5. Beautiful shape, texture and color, wonderful!

  6. I would be proud to wear this fabulous hat if I were you, Els! Great job, I love love love orange (and Cat seems to approve, too). xxoo, sus

  7. Wonderful hat and I bet you will look good wearing it. You are so good at nuno felting...that is something I would like to try one day.

  8. Wow! That's fantastic, gorgeous colour too! I've never done felting, I'd love to try. :)
    Jess x

  9. amazing result for a first attempt. I feel a bit the same about hats (that they dont suit me). Hopefully you love your hat

  10. What a beautiful hat! I love the colour gradations...and the lace.....very, very nice! It just looks so perfectly artistic and stylish!