zondag 15 januari 2012

winter ... ?

No, winter hasn't been around here (yet)
Still hoping for a bit of snow
or ice
( though not everybody will agree to that )

No, nature isn't expecting much "winter" anymore as it seems

one would say, looking at this !
( but I might be totally wrong .... )


I do love the colours of this new self-striping Regia sock yarn !

The top one are socks for me, knitted by my daughter,
the bottom one is the just finished pair
for the little birthday boy

I can hardly believe it myself :
but I started the second sock this morning
( I'm not an early riser in the weekend )
and it was finished by 6 pm ... !
A sock a day ???
Never did thát before !
Yes, I know
these socks are not as big as mine :
I cast on 60 for mine
and only cast on 52 stitches for these
Though I don't think my hands will like it very much
if I do this kind of thing every week

So now I really can go back to felting and stitching
pffffft !

8 opmerkingen:

  1. Oh my goodness- flowers already! They will look lovely peeking through the frost (if it comes!)....that's amazing..the light has not even really started to strengthen....and look at you! A sock a day- that's incredible! Everything is coming along fast in your part of the world!:)
    Warm wishes, Fiona

  2. Just gorgeous Els, both the flowers and the socks. I am in love with the Regia sock yarns as well. I just use it to make leg warmers for my newest grandson, born the day after Christmas. From the remainder of the ball I have knit a pair of Star Booties from the new Elizabeth Zimmerman book Knit One Knit All. I still need to seam them up. There was a time when I could work pretty quickly, but no more. I understand the bit about your hands! Mine are forcing me to slow down and knit for only an hour or so at a time...carpel tunnel in my left and an index finger that triggers on my right. Oh well, such is the way of growing older...but it beats the alternative!

  3. Love the socks, but take care of your hands!

  4. My roses never stopped blooming! Love the socks. :)

  5. Love the colour of your socks. Have you try sock yarn on scarf? Hugs Nat

  6. Such a welcome sight, these yellow flowers! love from the deep freeze, sus

  7. How lovely to be able to wear hand knitted socks...these are beautiful Els.
    I can remember my Great Grandmother (who was of Swiss origin) knitting socks when I was a little girl. I never learnt how to make them...maybe I should learn next winter.

    Cheerful yellow flowers.

    Jacky xox