zondag 29 april 2012

a carpenter ?

After my birthday (and in fact before that too)
April has been much and much too cold 
That means that I haven't been in the garden as much as I normally would be
Though, when the sun creeps out
from behind the heavy layers of clouds
I'm out there right away.

I love my Malus tree
it will have dark red leaves when the blossom fades away

From the garden I also picked some flowers
that I used for one of my secret projects

Tiny forget-me-nots
colour all of the garden blue at the moment
a lovely sight !

In fact my secret projects will have to be finished soon
... in about one and a half week of time ...

One of the extra "in-betweens" I did today made me remember
that, perhaps in another life,
I would liked to have been a carpenter !
Years ago, during winter holidays in Austria,
I loved to visit the shop
of the the old turner in wood :
mmmmmmmm that smell
of freshly cut wood when you entered there,
runnig your fingers along the grain
of the smooth sanded wood
(I use some of the items he made untill this very day)

It wasn't a very inspiring of difficult object,
just a needed one !

I like to have the proper tools so bought a 14mm drill  (ha !)
Tomorrow I'll fitt it to a little cradle 

3 opmerkingen:

  1. have never seen a Malus tree but it is very beautiful. i'm a bit of a carpenter...i should say...i used to be. my dad built a lot of our furniture and i was always right by his side learning.

  2. timmerman ja!

    de donkere blaadje printen ook nog mooi...

  3. I hope your weather warms, Els - seems colder than usual here, too. I admire your wood working explorations, have fun! xxoo