zondag 22 april 2012

dark colours

In the garden I love  dark red  colours.
In a nursery or garden centre I immediately notice that colour
(and buy it ...)
Here are a few examples

and the best one :

This spring has been very wet and cold lately
and today there were  dark  clouds too

and even hail stones :


We are waiting for a bit of sunshine

( a lot of "garden" but that's okay on "earth day" )

7 opmerkingen:

  1. Is that lovely pond on your property? It's beautiful!

  2. I think we'd better not go shopping at a plant nursery together...we would walk out BROKE ;>]]

  3. Yummy yummy reds, Els. My favorite color since childhood. -sus

  4. I hope you have sunshine coming your way soon!
    What beautifu garden pics...as I looked I felt something stirring inside...my gardeners soul perhaps, quite long dormant. I once I had a very large garden, planted in colour groupings by bed...I loved to watch as it would grow and change...I think a trip to the garden centre is in order (and some digging to make some beds!)
    And the reds...and their relationship with theeir greenery- stunning!
    Thanks so much for your pictures and inspirations! Oh so very soothing and exciting at the same time! :) Fiona

  5. Mum's favourites - dark red tulips, such beauties.

  6. Such Beautiful colours. I am hoping I have sorted out my blog problems and you get this comment.

  7. jij hebt vast een heerlijke tuin!
    Ja, zon, oh ik verlang er ook zo naar!!!