zondag 8 april 2012

a present and something finished

What I like about the blogger-community is : 
the friends that get "real" all of a sudden
I got this e-mail some time ago
to tell me that I could pick something I liked
and that it then would come my way !

Lee send me two of her lovely fabric circles
(she makes one every day !)

Thanks Lee !
After we went to the alpaca farm yesterday
(with three generations !)
things continued at home :



and me ...
I had to undo some machine stitching on the fabric basket
(yes ..... thát happens when you don't pay attention)

There was no serious damage done,
so after "a while" I could go on where I left off

The "Hobbs" batting would not stick to the lining fabric
so I had to secure it by hand,
then the inner and outer layer were pinned/stitched together,

turned and ..... finished
(one down, one to go)

A productive easter weekend

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Your fabric basket turned out so well. Have a wonderful week! -sus

  2. Wow that looks fantastic I love it! A very talented family you have there Els.
    Jess xx