donderdag 16 augustus 2012

a try .... at last

Today, because I was baby-sitting,
I took some wool,
some soap
and a felting needle
with me to daughter's house.

When I was with Gabi in Germany
some weeks ago,
she gave me a bit of her special wool.
She washed it and then it went through the carding machine.
It is brownish gray and a touch of white.
Earlier I carefully studied the tutorial  PDF (with lots of photos) 
I purchased from her some time ago
and gave it a try 

(Because I didn't have my camera
there are not many "making-of" pictures,
only the ones I took this evening)

That was already a lot of work done when he came home


A white nose, tummy and tail

Tomorrow a lot of rinsing and making
his face
(I know it's a bit early for Easter,
but I might find him a little basket for his eggs !) 

Gabi was so right :
working with "Bergschafwolle" is great !

6 opmerkingen:

  1. What a charming little rabbit gentleman. So satisfying to have a chance to do something you've been waiting for. xxoo, sus

  2. Oh,Els! Das ist ja ein ganz cooler Bursche geworden!
    Er bekommt bestimmt auch noch Gesellschaft, oder?
    Liebe Grüße

  3. Ha Els, even een vraagje: ik kan de pdf die je beschrijft niet vinden op het Filzkram blog.
    Waar moet ik zoeken? Ik zou ook ontzettend graag figuurtjes vilten, maar een zetje in de goede
    richting is wel fijn....

    1. Oeps, beetje te snel geroepen, zag het net op haar homepage staan...