woensdag 15 augustus 2012

little stitches ...

When you don't know exactly
whére to start
then start with little stitches

On the embellisher I started with two half spheres and stitched them together
to a ..... pin cushion  (?)
(it might be a little present for someone dear)

And I love how the colours of the little sphere
is reflected by the colours
of the flowers from the garden !

I don't often pick flowers from the garden,
they better stay outside.
There you can enjoy them much longer,
but sometimes

(I had to cut down the jungle a bit
so : 
rather in a vase then in the bin !)

9 opmerkingen:

  1. It's beautiful Els! Stitches are special!
    Bergamot are one of my favourite flowers...I had lots in our cottage garden, but none here....time to change that- you are my gardening muse! Almost everytime I read one of yur posts I want to go to the garden centre! What a re the long red flowers- I don't know that one! Happy Summer Colours! xo Fiona

  2. pretty little pincushion and great idea.

  3. Really cute Els. Great gift for lucky someone. I used to do them with rolled up felted wool - Hugs Nat

  4. What a beautiful pin cushion. I love the contrast of the red ,green, blue and pink together.

    Would you believe I have the same vase right now on my table with flowers from my garden that my daughter pick for me for my birthday. It on my blog post too you can't see the vase that well...:) I thought that was realy funny...:)

  5. Lovely little pin cushion, Els. Alos...what is that textiley bundle of lovliness hanging on the wall behind your vase of flowers? I can make out a bag...I think...but ...well it all looks intriguing!

  6. Das ist ein superschönes kleines Teil!
    Und mit den Blumen aus dem Garten, da gehts mir genauso- ich mag sie auch nur ganz selten pflücken!
    (Zum färben, z.B.) :-)
    Liebe Grüße

  7. Such a pretty post, Els! Glad I had time to catch up with my bog reading this evening. xxoo, sus

  8. Well isn't that just the prettiest little gift for someone special! Beautiful colors, maybe wrapped with a gift of flowers too :) Beautiful.

  9. if you don`t know where to start, start with little steps...
    thank you for your comment about my ship, dear els.
    thank you for this little step towards me