woensdag 22 augustus 2012


The blue tit was almost dry
(he isn't that big,
just a wee bit bigger than his natural size)

So the last bit I needed to do
was make his eyes.
Because he is so small 
I needed only a few fibres of black and white wool
a felting needle

(auch, be careful :  felting needles are incredibly sharp !)

He sat quietly on my hand

he wasn't even afraid

of the cat !!!

Though I have put him somewhere safe,
because Bella likes to play with all kinds of soft small things

8 opmerkingen:

  1. Aww, he is just the most adorable birdie I ever did see!

  2. Hartstikke mooi geworden!
    Een van onze katten gaat er ook altijd vandoor met wol in wat voor vorm dan ook....

  3. Bella is so beautiful, Els - I had a similar beauty long ago named Ted Cat. He was so smart.
    The blue tit is a pretty companion, but I would not trust my cats with him, either.
    xxoo, sus

  4. wonderful! (both!) warm greetings from Paris!