dinsdag 19 maart 2013

boro ? no : boring

was a word that didn't mean anything to me 
some time ago
Then I participated in Jude's on-line class
"Contemporary Boro"

Boro comes from the endless ongoing process 
of mending originally from Japan :
pieces of fabric were meticulously stitched 
onto garments with holes, tears or weak spots 
to give them a longer life

That is the kind of stitching Jude often uses in her work.
Making use of old pieces, little leftovers, 
It's a fun way of merging all kind of scraps 
haphazardly into something new.

Ha, it's about time I start stitching again !!!

So I took this old jacket.  Any holes ? tears ? weak spots ?
NO a very neat tidy jacket !
but ... boring 
(from another era ...)
and therefore just the right thing for my project

Lots of scraps 
and pieces of fabric that are dear to me :
my contemporary Boro 

O yes, there will be lots of changes of plan along the line
pieces added, removed, replaced by others
it will be :
"just going"   

9 opmerkingen:

    And what fun ... I can't wait to see where this "goes" ;>]]

  2. Mooie kleurencombinatie, veel blauw en dan die kleine felgekleurde driehoekjes. Ik ben erg benieuwd naar het eindresultaat.

  3. It is beautiful...will you model it please!

  4. I LOVE Boro, Els, and like you, was introduced to it by Jude. I blogged a bit about it last year, there was a wonderful exhibition of the textiles in York last which - which I missed!
    Your coat is INCREDIBLE! I would certainly wear it! In fact I am thinking of doing something similar to a black jacket....you have given a me an idea! I would wear it when I play fiddle for the Molly Dancers. Thank you Els for a great post!! Lx

  5. What a fun and inspiring project Els. I think I need to get something going along these lines myself. What you are doing is looking fabulous. Love those blues. -sus

  6. Thank you for this post, I just come back from the attic where I tried to clear things out and found a blue jacket. I thougt about stiching but your jacket gives me more ideas ....

  7. wow - have you finished it already? please show the result - it looks so beautiful already now. there´s an old cardigan waiting in my cupboard for some new spots and buttons - now I´m inspired to start!