vrijdag 29 maart 2013

continuing boro

Still a bit weak, but I'm back !
Flu is such a silly illness 
(most of the time)
but it can knock you right of your socks
Now it's over, so : 
time to continue Boro

Ha, só many pieces have already been replaced,
which was to be expected, of course !
But the pieces at the bottom of the back I was sure about 
are now being "glued" to the fabric of the jacket
(noooo,  no real glue of course, but Jude's "glue-stitch" )
Raw edge or needle-turned, just as it goes

and then other stitches follow ...

Mmmmm, I love how the "pattern continues" 
from one piece of fabric to the next
The shibori : I purchaged from Glennis Dolce
who brought it with her from Japan,
(ouch ..... and I cut right into it ...)
the piece that it connects is from an old cushion cover 
I already cut into before :  for this

The eyes I found in the "Blaudruck" fabric are finished now 
and there will be a bit of colour in the flowers

Even a lot more colour on the top ánd the front of the jacket
(is my plan)

5 opmerkingen:

  1. I'm cheering you on from the side-lines, Els! Got my fabrics sorted, now need to start cutting and tacking. How exciting!

    Glad you have shaken off the bug - yes, it is silly but it also does knock you for six. Take care, and a Happy Easter to you and yours. Lxxx

  2. Love the way you've got those curves running together!

  3. Liebe Els, das sieht ja wieder sehr spannend aus..schöne Osterfeiertage mit vielleicht ein wenig Sonnenschein wünscht


  4. So glad to hear you are feeling better, Els!
    There is so much depth in the tones and patterns you are using...love how the wave moves across the surface!
    Can't wait to see the finished piece!
    Warm wishes, Fiona