donderdag 9 mei 2013


Yesterday I went with my friend W to Gouda
where we were "on duty" at the exhibition.

There were nice people visiting 
and the fun part was talking to them
about all the beautiful Art Quilt pieces
(even talked to some people from the US
and a lady from Belgium)

In between I had the opportunity 
to take some extra pictures of 

so many different ways of telling a story

Finally :  "me" hanging in this wonderful spot
in the doorway (so you can see both sides) 
in the stairwell
with the special lighting feature
that changes colour every second 

(If you click with the right mouse button on the photo
and then click on "open in a new window"
you can see the much bigger picture)

5 opmerkingen:

  1. oh thanks for all those visuals. i love them all but especially #8 with the strips of cloth stitched wonky like side by side.

  2. Je hebt een mooi plekje gelukkig....;-)
    Heerlijk om op deze manier even mee te kunnen kijken!

  3. Els, I loved seeing these details, and especially the shot of your quilt in its perfect location.

    That lighted stairway is quite terrific. xxoo, sus

  4. Your quilt looks beautiful, and I love the others too!