vrijdag 3 mei 2013

the making of

Last Wednesday I went with my dear quilt-friend W
to the symposium (with lectures of several people) 
and the opening of our Art-quilts exhibition
in Arti Legi in Gouda.

The Art Gallery is a fantastic old building 
and it really is a wonderful exhibition !

Go there if you have the opportunity !
 May 1  -  20
(every day  12.00 - 17.00)

It was so much fun to meet the people 
and to see which "face" belonged to 
all the different art-quilts !
(Ha, even met some blogging friends in real life too)
(Yes, I was wearing my Boro jacket and got some lovely compliments)

The work of mine that was selected for the book
was made in 2009 for the art-quilt challenge
"Uit de naad"
("from the seam")
with additional focus on transparency and double sided.

This little sketch was how it all started

(I normally make my grocery list on these tiny pieces of paper)

Here the figure is life-size,
(I was outlined by my dear husband while I was lying on the floor,
ahhh ... making art is a tough job)

For each step in the process I had to invent ways of doing things
in order to carry out my ideas.

Finally, when the main part was machine and hand stitched
I attatched the transparent "body" to the second side
and stencilled the words with acrylic paint
and the help of freezer paper ...
pfffffffffft !

        I want to break free      ( II )

(the other side)

On the exhibition the work has a really beautiful place 
in a (twin doors) doorway 
so you can truely enjoy both sides !

8 opmerkingen:

  1. oh wish i could see it in person. you did a beautiful job. how wonderful to have it published. congratulations.

  2. Leuk je nu eens in het 'echt' te ontmoeten.
    Het was een geweldige dag en een schitterende expositie.

  3. wat een kunststuk, wat een schoonheid, wat zal je af en toe pffffft gezucht hebben, je hebt je uit de naad gewerkt!

  4. I love seeing the process you went through to make this beautiful quilt. Its so beautiful !

  5. ' I had to invent ways of doing things
    in order to carry out my ideas'
    YES! The best thing about making art is those inventions.
    This is a really inspiring piece, Els. Glad it had a good place to be shown. Congratulations!

  6. Its beatiful . I love visiting your side

  7. Ow wow Els, wat prachtig!! Een waar kunstwerk....