woensdag 15 mei 2013

mandala Wednesday ... and a new family member

Tonight was the last time 
we came together with our mandala group for this season
(in September we begin anew)
It was the last time for the four elements :
fire, earth, air and water,
all together in one person

(don't know where the aurora borealis "came from" but I like it)

Earlier today arrived a rather B I G envelope !
In it, was a wonderful new member 
for my "felted family" !!!

This clever, perhaps a bit impertinent, but als lovely fellow
is made by my dear blogging-friend Gabi !
She really makes the most wonderful felted animals
(that's where I learned to make mine  ;-)  !)

As soon as I saw this fox some days ago 
I knew he had to come over to me.
I'm glad he arrived safe and sound

I lóve the little polymer clay feather
that Gabi attatched to his dungarees.
It has delicate stripes and is a little gem !

Thanks again Gabi, we'll make him feel at home !

6 opmerkingen:

  1. I love your mandala, Els...so much movement! This sounds like a great group and weekly practise. I like to end things in early May too, and start up again in September. May is always ready for a new focus- like the garden or a new project.

    Your new family member is amazing- so full of character-especially with his litlle feather- no wonder you could not resist!
    Happy Maytime....xo Fiona

  2. i love your mandala. it has so much movement. and your new felted friend is magnificent.

  3. Oh, dein Fuchs ist schon auf Entdeckungstour im Garten- dann
    hat er die Reise ja bestens überstanden!
    Viel Freude mit dem roten Burschen wünscht dir


  4. Els, I always love to see your mandalas and especially love this one because of the aurora. Do you see that in your winter skies?

  5. wonderful! And I just admired him at her blog… warm greetings!

  6. Your mandala is beautiful. When I see your mandala work, I wish I had these skills :)
    Your new friend is indeed so charming and I noticed the feather right off!