zondag 21 juli 2013

more crochet

I had put my mind to a bit of Sophie Digard.
I do not intend to copy her
(couldn't, even if I wanted to)
but her art sure had triggered something in me !

All the squares I started with, were to go as in-betweens
for a bigger pattern with flowers.

It took me through a lot of Ravelry pages
before a Stitch'nBitch friend from Rotterdam
kindly send me the "Japanese flower" pattern
she uses for a shawl herself, thanks Elly !

But it just isn't me to go the easy way :
instead of the original 12 petals, I only made 8.
(better to connect with the squares)

So far, so good ...
(I thought) 

But when you look close up the first few finished rows,
it's clear that only the squares and flowers are connected ...
it was all too loose and sloppy !
(and making a connection between the squares didn't work either)
So :
I took a lot of my squares and frogged the outer (light coloured) round
of double crochet and made it into single crochet.

... NOT a very fun task ...
but it had to be done !
(ha, and most of the leftovers, were long enough to make new flower centers)

The also non-fun task was 
to start all over again with the whole shawl
(because : everything is connected as-you-go !!!)

... and here it is ... !

Now all the little parts are connected !

Oh but look :
there are more flowers in my summer garden !!!

Mmmmmm : Filipendula rubra 
("queen of the prairie" ... some queen, isn't she ?)

7 opmerkingen:

  1. Wow, Els! So beautiful! I love those flower patterns, and so perfect with your garden right now! I also love the Filipendula...and how fun is that to say! Grin! I had some in my old graden that we left behind...you always inspire me to get out and garden...one of these days-as soon as the house building has gotten far enough along that it will not get trampled or dug up! Thanks for the reminders of these lovely plant friends!

  2. your granny squares turned out beautifully. i went through some old yarn today and pulled out all the lace weight yarn so i can play when time allows. and that last image is amazing. i must look up that flower and see if it will grow here in Texas.

  3. Ha! Du hast tatsächlich schon damit angefangen! Und schon sooo
    viele kleine Blüten!
    Liebe Grüße

  4. Queen of the Prairie - beautiful!

    I think, Els, with Sophie Digard, to emulate her, all you need do is pick any pattern - could be a basic granny square even - make it very small and use very very fine yarn, and join with a very loose, lacy stitch. I haven't got round to doing one myself, but have tried various motifs - alas, my yarn wasn't fine enough. When I DO get round to it, I shall be picking a simple pattern, you may be sure!

  5. Prachtig, Els.En zo inspirerend. Gezocht op het net, en een aantal patronen gevonden. Al wat proefjes gemaakt, met op de weversmarkt in Hoorn gekocht garen in verlopende tinten. Nu nog uitvogelen hoe je ze aan elkaar haakt.

  6. You are so terrific with your crochet. I love the different flowers together in this blanket! Hugs Nat

  7. beautiful crocheted flowers and wow for your Filipendula rubra Mother Nature really knows how to put on a show!