donderdag 18 juli 2013

something new ...

From time to time,
no matter what I'm making,
I start something néw, or even pick up something óld,
to get my mind from the thing I'm doing just then

(it might be the restless-nature-bit in me ... ?
anyway, that's how it goes)

something old                                             something new

Some days ago I discovered (through another blog) the name 
Sophie Digard
There is not much to be found about her,
just that she discovered crochet some odd years ago,
learned how to do it, 
got hooked !

I was so thrilled about the colours and patterns she uses 
that I wanted to try it right away !

So I left the little mitered (old) vest to dry on the blocking board
and started to make lots of little squares 
that will be part of my interpretation 
of Sophie's wonderful work.

But there is more "new" !

(had to do a bit of late-night babysitting before I could finish this post)

When I saw that Eva Nerling, a great German artist (and blogger),
made some new watercolours, I sent her an e-mail about it.
In fact we agreed to a "swap"

Today came the package with one of the watercolours for me

(Ha, ... I'm over the moon)

(Eva has to be a bit more patient before she receives my end of the bargain)

3 opmerkingen:

  1. oh i love the work of Sophie Digard. wish she sold some of her patterns but it looks like she only sells the finished product. have you been over to the french needle?
    lots of her stuff is there for sale. i love the necklaces.

  2. Els, I was trying very hard to think of Sophie Digard's name on blogger the other week - I've loved her work for ages, she works usually with such fine yarn and makes hundreds of tiny motifs - her garments are sublime. I suspect something really fine like the fine Noro yarn would look lovely.

  3. Dans la photo "something old" c'est le même point que ma pochette :)