maandag 1 juli 2013

envelopes !

Oh, how I lóve these mysterious envelopes 
that arrive in the mail from time to time !

Today I recieved my  sunny
felting-exchange piece

Yellows, greens and a bit of turquoise
and lots of sparkling yellow beads,
it's so much fun this felting-exchange !!!

And always there's some lovely card with it
that tells a bit of the "making-of" or the "why"

Thank you, Titia !

(do you really own these Blue Faced Leicester sheep ???)
I looooove those curls ... 
ha, probably because I have some curls of my own :
feather (curls) flock together !

In the afternoon I continued on my SUN-stitching
that I started yesterday.

There's already a lot more ... (a face)
but I didn't take a picture just now, because there isn't enough light anymore.

The embroidery thread on the left and on the far right 
came in the mail on Saturday.
It's very glossy hand painted rayon I bought from Emma in France.
She sells some wonderful things quilters and stitchers can use !
The colours are so gorgeous,
but working with it isn't very simple 
it curls up and tangles very easy,
but the luster is awesome !!! 

The deep purple and red is handpainted "Aurifil" cotton 
daughter gave me last September 
when she went to the "Handwerkbeurs" (Fair)
The two little bundles down in the middle
are silk thread that I used to bundle up 
my onion skin eco-dyeing try.

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Das gefilzte Deckchen ist superschön, Els!
    Und das Schaf supercool!
    Herzliche Grüße

  2. Lovely little felting :)
    I am enjoying watching your sun become. It's wonderful.

  3. what a beautiful gift to receive must have been a good girl too!