zondag 6 juli 2014

in the flow (of a tale)

While the little booklet of Sara's Challenge 
is finished now
the  f l o w of the embellisher is still going
so why not take advantage of that.

There was a story in some book that I liked,
and now I want to make something tangible of that

 The start is to make a layer out of wool (and some scraps)
and carry on till it's dense enough.

I want to use both sides of the piece

The story is about a mysterious
and wonderful bird
that hardly anyone has ever seen a glimpse of

A tiny wet felted bird with crochet wings,
and part of the "inside" forest taking shape

I made the tiniest stitches on the chest and back of the bird
and then adorned it with the wonderful silk ribbon
from Emma's shop in France ! 

(it will be a challenge how to adjust the bird to the piece,
but that will be one of the very last steps in the process !)

The bright "outside"

and the darker "inside" so far

(to be continued)

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