dinsdag 1 juli 2014

finished Challenge !

I think after almost eight weeks
after Sara started her Challenge for us,
I've finished the booklet.

"Along the Lines"

In fact it has become quite thick :
7 x 7 x 10 cm

That is because I made a lot of pages.

With the first instructions Sara gave us,
she suggested to think of a number of items
you could make for your chosen theme.
(so, I started thinking and made
about ten little sketches for possible pages
for my "lines" theme)

I ended up with 10 pages. 
In fact there are 11 but I sewed two together.

On top of the considerable number of pages, 
I backed every page with fabric,
so I didn't have be careful with the embroidery stitches.

On the backing fabric is machine-written what "line" it's about

The next step was to make buttonhole stitches on the spine-side
of all the pages.

stitching every page to an extra piece of felt, and after that
attaching this piece to the cover spine
front and back cover sewn to it, and :


Dear Sara,
it was a wonderful challenge that you initiated 
THANK YOU  for that.
It was a joy to work on it 
and encounter a lot of nice people
who participated in it 

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