maandag 14 juli 2014

the tale ( 14 - 7 - 14 )

Yes !
All the last little bits and pieces 
are attached to the bigger piece.
The tale can be told !

I read this tale in the novel 
"Bone House"

(the book is set in Elizabethan England  and the tale
 was told by one of the main characters in the book)

"Near a village lives, hidden in the woods, a wonderful mystrerious bird. 
All those who have ever seen a glimpse of it, tell their own wonderful story.
A traveler hears all the wonderful stories and is desperate to find this
miraculous bird. He then roams through the woods, without finding it, untill
in the end he does catch a glimpse of its beauty. He grabs his bow and 
shoots the bird. Then, where it fell down, he only finds a small gray black
little bird ..... At long last, he puts the dead bird in his bag and returns to 
the village. He tells the villagers that he saw the bird in the end ... and that 
it was just as wonderful as they all had told him. He tells them to keep
safe this wonderful miraculous bird and leaves the village, to never return."

The villagers

telling their strories about the beautifully coloured bird.

The mystrious bird 
(everyone tells a different story about its beauty)

The dark woods, with a glimpse of colour

The traveler shooting the bird

and when it falls to the ground, he only finds this.

But the story has to be kept alive ...


17 opmerkingen:

  1. oh Els, your pieces are always a delight and how wonderful that it tells the story. i just love it.

  2. This is beautiful, so well done! :-)

  3. Eine wunderbare Arbeit, Els!

  4. Els. What a beautiful piece and story and I like the curved stand.

  5. This came out wonderfully and it's fun to "read" the story in it.

  6. Konstrukcja niesamowita i odlotowa, a może odjazdowa!!!

  7. Magical! Perfectly made and lovely with all the details. Beautiful work, Els.

  8. This is very moving - beauty and narrative - so intriguing for all the senses.xx

  9. Wow, dit is echt een geweldig uniek kunstwerkje geworden Els....

  10. a beautiful story well told, I love everything about this piece- the colours, the dark inside wrapped with the beauty of the dream on the outside, thank you Els!

    1. WOW!!!!!!
      I love it the bird and trees it's beautiful. I started making felted bird month ago but haven't finished it. I forgot about your bird just reminded me to finish my bird.
      How have you been? I'm still knitting socks ;)

  11. Was für eine wundervolle Idee, Els! Und deine Umsetzung ist traumhaft..ich bin begeistert!

    Mit lieben Grüßen

  12. Hi, Els, This is sooooo beautiful and I like how a story drives the piece. Smashing!
    best, nadia