zondag 18 januari 2015

a beast indeed

When I did Jude's "Patchwork Beasts" class 
(in 2010, but it's still in the "shop"  :-) ... !)
she had several different methodes 
with which she let us make a beast.
One, was a really simple pieced beast, out of a few small squares,
or rectangles,
just like I made the rabbit.

Then you could "dress" it up
with all kinds of tiny scraps on the surrounding space,
which I did on the rabbit too.
Raw edge, or needle turned appliqué,
it just doesn't matter :
no rules here !

Stitches on the upside,

      a bunny tail .....       and          a raw edge flower pice.

The "grassy" leaves are double with tiny quilt stitches
and the other leaf was sewed and then turned
to the right side and closed.
Yes, it's less than 2 cm.
(only part of it will be joined to the background)

There are only a few bits of the background left to be seen :
embroidered bits of a white linen blouse.
I'm not sure yet, but I don't think
this is a sweet bunny
it's more like a fierce rabbit !

It's not exactly the Monty Python Killer Rabbit
it is not a "Flappie" either
I have to explane this :
"Flappie" is a hilarious song of a great Dutch comedian,
about what happened when the pet rabbit 
ended up in the pot for the xmas dinner
(everybody in Holland knows the song)


This was made of the patched beast I made for Jude's class :
all of the background gone, the beast was only stitched on.
(it was called "Show me your teeth"
and was a present for our dentist, who retired)

14 opmerkingen:

  1. your delightful rabbit doesn't look fierce to me....he just looks very surprised...or maybe frightened. maybe he just encountered another beast that looks fierce.

  2. You have become the Eurpean Queen of the Jude Stitching , Els! Lxxx

  3. Gefählich spitze Zähnchen haben sie, dein" Killer-Hase" und das "Beast"!
    Liebe Grüße

  4. I think he looks like a bashful rabbit, but if he were fierce, I wonder what sort of noise he'd make ... can't see a rabbit growling ;-) His flowery field is wonderful

  5. It is so jaunty and color-filled here! Love both of your beasts.

  6. You made my day... "Show me your teeth" thats so funny...
    I like Your works... very much...
    Liebe Grüße

  7. Loving these, what a wonderful way to use scraps up too.

  8. inderdaad de europese koningingvan judes beasts
    meissie....ik hou van je werk en jou!

  9. Perhaps an early easter bunny - a lot of work to do this year. Love your teeth-beast.

  10. Hi Els,
    Ah, these patchwork pieces are really super. I really like the mixture of colours and the fun looking beasts with teeth. I think children would love these in their playrooms / bedrooms, either as wall hangings or even made into cushions!
    They are truly wonderful.
    Best wishes,

  11. vol leven zijn deze "beasts" Ga je er nog meer maken, Els?

  12. I just checked back at some of the older ones too! I love love love the nine-patch cat! And the heart - so lovely!

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