dinsdag 13 januari 2015

what's next

that is always "the problem" when one thing
is finished

"A warm heart brightens up your day"

A detailed look of the left part

Here it is :
mounted on a painted canvas
(15 x 15 cm)
(only one side is striped, the other three are gray and lighter gray)

So then it was on to the next one.

I started like we did start a long time ago 
during the "beasts" class with Jude :
piecing a simple beast

(hey, maybe Joe triggered that with the tale
about the rabbit near his front door  ;-) ...?) 
It's a rather tame rabbit ...... but that can change

After that I dressed up its surroundings with scraps
and glue-stitched them to the background.

In the meantime there were two grandchildren to take care of :
the little one, and the big girl, who was sick
(but wanted to "make something" after she had slept for a while)

Lots of woolen felt in my stash, 
so :
mama and baby owl were "born"

7 opmerkingen:

  1. always wonderful stitchery going on here. loving your new beast.

  2. Das Herz gefällt mir sehr, sehr gut!! Die Stiche in verschiedenen Richtungen die abgestimmten und dann wieder gegensätzlichen Farben und Muster...toll!
    Bin gespannt, wie es mit dem Hasen weitergeht.
    Bis bald, Birgit

  3. Els you are doing some lovely things with your Jude inspired stitching! Quite beautiful. And yes, I well know that feeling almost of panic when one project ends and there is not another waiting ..... that is when I usually start something - anything - and leap into making a mistake - where all my Unfinished Symphonies come from! Lxxxx

  4. from a heart to a beast? Such a contrast.....beautiful work Els, I also love piecing, it's so very therapeutic.

  5. How lovely that your granddaughter shares your interest in stitching, you must have provided her with inspiration. You rabbit is superb, Jude's methods are such a great way to invent with what you have in front of you - I'd love to do one of her classes - am saving it for retirement, whenever that may be