donderdag 8 januari 2015

a heart (is what we need)

I picked up an "old" piece 
with a heart
that was only pinned to the background.

Now I'm working on it again

Left in the background 
is a bit I received some years ago from Australia (Jacky)
The heart has some very old bits in it
and one small piece with only half a "flower"
so I completed it's form in stitch

It gets a black and white tail
(thanks Jude)

The black and white strip on the side I remember from years ago
in a workshop with Mirjam Pet.


Today our little grandson wore
(like a real Dutchman)
wooden shoes
(they are his mom's old ones !) 

Oh, how he loves the sound he is making
when he wears them 

And :
he looooves to clean up
(that all the droplets were on the outside
didn't bother him)


And finally :

 je suis 

violence is 
never ever
the solution 
for any problem
in the world

9 opmerkingen:

  1. i love this heart! and you most likely remember that i tend to struggle with hearts. but this one is filled to overflowing with memories and whispers... wonderful!

  2. Muy bonito, me encantó. El niño es una belleza. Feliz Año 2015!!!!!

  3. Oh ja, der "Sound" von Holzschuhen! :-)
    Als Kind hatte ich Solche auch mal, und sie unglaublich gerne getragen!
    Liebe Grüße

  4. What a beautiful warm heart, made from bits of the past ... as are all but the newest of hearts

  5. oh he is too cute!! What a special little man x

  6. The heart looks gorgeous against the grey background, it really makes it pop. :)
    Your grandson wearing those clogs is funny, I wonder if you enjoyed the noise they made as much as him! ;)
    Jess xx