dinsdag 3 maart 2015

3 - 3 - 15 .... the "last" felting exchange

Oh yes : late again.
This last piece of our felting exchange 
was scheduled for February.
It went in the post today.

As you will probably understand the theme for this month was 

Now this should not have been a problem,
because I like sheep 
(though not their sound when they're grown-ups)
They "give" us their gorgeous warm coat
with which we have lost of fun 
knitting and felting !

But what to make for this felting exchange ???
One sheep, 
a ram with awesome horns,
a little lam, 
or even a flock of sheep and shepherd ? 
I couldn't decide and moreover
I wanted to make something funny

Yesterday I started with a kind of heath landscape
for a background
Then I thought it would be fun to change the woolen coat
for a knitted one !
But :
all my lovely sock (or thicker) yarns
are "superwash"
so it won't felt

The only solution then is, to make your own yarn :
Now I had vowed a long time ago 
that "spinning" is nót for me
(and daughter wanted to help out but was doing other things)

I made a spindle out of an old big whirligig
and tried my best to spin some even thread
(thread yes, even no !)
Then I knitted a small swatch

So on the heath landscape came a colourful sheep

with the swatch and some snippets of prefelt,
which I stitched to the back with some linen thread.
(Like I always do, when dealing with difficult parts
so things won't shift during the rolling process.
I take the thread out when all is finished)

Geurdie, I hope you like my "modern" sheep
it will be on your doorstep tomorrow !

In fact this colourful sheep isn't really the last one
of this year's exchange :
I have to do a last one for myself,
because there were only eleven women participating
So with that last one (something RED)
the circle will be closed.


3 opmerkingen:

  1. I think I could do with a jumper like that! Not enough colour in my wardrobe. Love his expression, Els.

  2. Ach, wat een schattig schaapje! Wat slim om zo een spintol te maken, Els.

  3. Els, dein Schaf ist superklasse! Ich habe mich glatt drin verliebt und überlege schon direkt, ob das meine Grunschulkinder schaffen könnten... es gibt so viele Möglichkeiten, das Bild nachher aufzunähen. Mach's gut, Birgit