zondag 15 maart 2015

good craft

The jacket 
daughter started on some weeks ago
is finally finished.
(it's not easy for a mother of three
to find enough time for such a big felting task)

We are very satisfied with the end result.

We both made a jacket before,
but that was in a workshop with Anneke Copier,
some years ago and never came to making another one ourselves
(untill now !)

Making a good closure isn't one of the easiast parts
because you don't want the button holes and buttons
to tear the felt apart
(though felt is really tough material !)
That's why she stitched a narrow leather strip
on both insides to give the closure more firmness.

In the end I made the (simple) buttonholes
and stitched the buttons on.
These real horn buttons were once my mom's :
she bought them on a holiday in Austria
where she was always on the look-out for special things. 

A true FIRE woman jacket !


Under my sewing machine 
the "jeweled squares" are growing more and more.

Our smallest grandson loves to stack them
size by size
when they are laid down on the floor.
(he thinks I shouldn't lay them on the floor at all !)

And when the "little one" isn't using his chair ...

there's another "little one" who is using it instead

especially when the sun is shining


12 opmerkingen:

  1. What an amazing work!!!!! It´s really beautiful!!!

  2. Oh the jacket is gorgeous! What an amazing piece of work! I love how the little one finds a way to use those quilt blocks. So much learning going on there.

  3. the jacket is stunning Els, a truly unique piece that will be admired each time it is worn...

  4. Zwei Künstler! Die gefilzte Jacke ist beeindruckend - super gefilzt, durchdachte Blende und dann die besonderen Knöpfe - wie es ich manchmal ergibt. Und dass dein Enkel Spaß hat, die bunten Quadrate zu sortieren glaube ich gern. Las es dir so gut gehen wie der Mieze, Birgit

  5. Lovely fire colours in your jacket, and your jewels are like beacons of colour.

  6. what a beautiful jacket, the colours are glorious, but I'm really intrigued, not having done anythig with felting - how do you get it the right size and shape and, even more important, how is it washed? Presumably you have to be careful that it doesn't felt some more or shrink?
    The quilt blocks are in true Kaffe spirit, vivid and exciting, but still in harmony with each other. Lovely :-)

  7. Truly impressed with the jacket.
    Yes, quite right, nice to think that a son has some time for what one does!

  8. Oh that jacket is gorgeous! That's so clever to get the shape right and I love the colours. It should keep you very warm!
    Jess x

  9. Your Jacket looks amazing 😍 How have you been? I've been so busy with the little one i have gotten out of habit of blogging. Im on Instagram it at the moment my name is _uponahill_ . I've notice at few bloggers on there now. I love the cat pictures. Hope you have been well. It will be warming up at your end of the world the temperature starting to drop here. I'm not ready for winter I'm not looking forward to the cold. I've picked up my knitting for the first time in a few months the other day did a few rows then realised that I made a mistake now I have to unpick a few rows!!!!!!!!!

  10. the jacket is great! wonderful work and colors! (and lovely cat!)
    warm greetings from Paris!