zondag 8 maart 2015

a pod ... ?

After I finished the little sheep
(which has arrived safely on its destiny)
There was room (in my head)
to finally make the last piece for the felting exchange :
something RED for myself.

The plan for it was in fact already in my head 
when we had to pick our theme for the exchange.
So during this last year it was always "there"
That might explain why this little piece of felt
turned out the way it did

I wanted a pod like shape, so made a template to go with that.

My only fear was that the tape would come off with all the water
but luckily it didn't !

Building up the layers,
wetting them and felting them was tricky.

Making antenna, tentacles ....
(yes, felting is thinking and planning in advance)

After more layers ...

and working very hard ...

the template could be removed.

Done !

Ha ! you can see it's still (more or less) the needed
size of a postcard !


"something  red,  you can hang"

Yes, I adore the berries of the spindle tree
And I confess I put a bit more work in this one that the other ones,
but it had a lot of time to "simmer" 
(the fact that the different colours I did on the inside
don't show that much ... well that's for another time 
to try and do better)

Underneath this funny "pod" of mine
spring is really getting on its way

And when I lifted a pot that was in the garden for some time
(to fill in an empty spot)

there was animal life hiding away still
(I put the pot back on for a while longer)

6 opmerkingen:

  1. you are a magician with felting. nice of you to restore the little critters resting place.

  2. How adorable! You're such a fab quilter, Els! xo

  3. Und nochmal - toll! Die Idee, die Umsetzung (dieAntennen und Tentakeln!!) und das Objekt (Pfaffenhütchen sagt man hier). Ist der Schlitz noch offen? Vielleicht bauen Vögel ihr Nest dort hinein...