vrijdag 29 mei 2015


It's a bit quiet over here.
Not that I'm doing nothing ...
but there is not so much to tell you about
because lots of things are just still 
in progress

I simply love circles,
the moon, mandalas, Alliums ...
Right now the garden is "exploding" with
Alliums !

True purple sensation !

Allium Roseum just all around the garden

And in a wee corner next to the door

Allium Christophii ....
(yes, I put some dead heads  in the pots some years ago)

More circles out of fabric

waiting to become a necklace

like this

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Hi Els, thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting so supportively. Lovely photos and I do like your colour combinations for the necklaces. And did you make the cute owl in your garden?

  2. Oh, we in the north still have to wait for the Alliums to bloom.

  3. Heerlijke kleuren.... Daar wordt een mens vrolijk van...!