dinsdag 5 mei 2015

5 - 5 - 15 ..... Liberation Day

harsh times, we only know from the horrid tales.
Being aware that we can live in freedom now
thanks to so many unknown people.
But unfortunately
not everywhere is freedom nowadays 

This May day is usualy a nice spring day :
today there was only a tiny bit of sunshine and lots of rain.

Ha, the Wisteria is called "Blue Rain" in Dutch
(though this is a white variety ...)

A good day to continue my little paintings.

These were some of the stencils and masks
I cut out of the foam sheets.
(much better to have my own ones now instead of the one from the shop)

It was good to work on more than one.
That way the paint can fully dry on one 
and you can start thinking about what to do with the next.

Several layers already there.

( When I was halfway through with number two 
I deeply regretted what I did there .....
so the only solution was : to paint over it again !
Ahhhhh that's the fun part of working with acrylics,
you can always start all over again  ;-)
And now with only a thin layer to tone it all my mistakes down
I was much happier with it )

My Leaf Moon got a spiral over its face

(so the blue leaf is less pronounced)

and lots of spidery stars around it.

(I'll wait a bit and see if I want to add more (or not) )

Forgot to show what the Little Bigfoot Rabbit looked like 
when it was finished by granddaughter

(preparing to take a picture herself, with little brother
taking notice)

Ta - daaaaaah !

(ha, though he has big feet, he is nowhere near as tall
as the Bluebells !)

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  1. what a delightful little rabbit, your granddaughter is a clever soul, and probably gets lots of inspiration from Mum and Gran, but that's just what having children is about I think - inspiration witha bit of discipline thrown in to keep everything going straight!! Very intrigued by your idea of making stencils and masks with that foam - I've been looking at it in craft shops thinking, surely I can do smoething with that :-) Also really like your shot of those moon and stars cuffs altogether - they make a composition all by themselves - very beautiful.