zondag 31 mei 2015


Yesterday I went to Nieuwpoort
(instead of the St'nB in Rotterdam)

One of my favourite quilt/yarn shops
De Schapekop  (the sheep's head)
organized the knitting/crochet festival
in the little old fortified town of Nieuwpoort
(Nieuwpoort got municipal rights in 1283)

The dyke with the water doors 
and the sheep waiting to be shorn during the festivities

Fun decorationes of wool 

I went there by car, but some friends from Rotterdam came by bus,
and we found each other in the shop

Hmmmm ... lots of "Kaffe Fassett"

There were five other places to visit and see beautiful stuff !
One of the stall holders was a lady who's daughter Lisette lives in Peru.
She brings down many wonderful items 
when she visits her daughter there,

Wonderful craft !

I found some vintage lace bits and pieces
(nice to dye and then use in some felt or quiltlet)

a dark purple ball of sockyarn
and some wonderful green dyed silk (a present !)

And when we went back at the end of the day ...

the last sheep was shorn !

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Een prachtige dag gehad zo te zien...! Weer inspiratie voor de hele zomer...?!

  2. so many beautiful things to see. those items from Peru got my attention. i just gave away a lot of Kaffe Fassett fabric that i've had for years. i love it but there isn't time to use everything.

  3. lovely images of your country Els. The fabric shop looks amazing, I would have come out of there with no money whatsoever!