dinsdag 16 juni 2015

a new bed .... and new felt

On Whit Monday we finally found and ordered a new bed.
Normally it takes at least eight weeks 
for new furniture to arrive,
but we had a phone call last week
if Monday would be okay ...
yes !

We took apart the old bed in the morning.

(mmmm ... lots of stuff gathering dust underneath)

In the afternoon some men came

and put together the new one.
It is higher
(so more comfortable for (ahum) elder people)
and can be split in the middle so it's easier to make the beds
and clean underneath
(hmmm : no more stuff hiding!)
We slept like a log last night  ;-)


Then there was also some more felting
I made some new little amulet pouches and
finished off the ones I already had.

A whole bundle.

The leather lace fitted only to the purple ones,
so for the other colours I took some matching yarn
and twisted my own string ...
Mmmmm that reminded me of a long time ago, 
when I used to help my mum making string :
each of us turning a pencil in the loop at the end,
and my mother carefully putting the two ends together
so the string miraculously appeared, 
with the scissors in the middle 
turning rapidly !

Each one has a bead to pull it open.

When these were finished I made some new

(of course there are some shiny bits inside !)

small but fine.

And with three more. 


Though I don't have a good picture of my New Dawn rose yet
here is another beauty in the garden

A real beauty !

(though she doesn't smell as good as New Dawn ...)

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  1. I adore all your felting projects! Say, will you email me your address, please? Thanks much. xo