vrijdag 26 juni 2015

it's not easy being green

It's only logical :
when you like it when you do something
you do it again.

After the mermaid was finished
(I did sew on some more sequins and beads)
I started on a new doll right away !

I had some more ideas in my mind after I had noticed 
that other mermaid on the pinterest board ...

a green man or woman !

You could say, this one is not green of envy, but green of ivy
(that's because I came across this dried ivy leaf in a book ...)

Then I thought about that wonderful BBC programme
"It's not easy being green"
where Dick Strawbridge is focusing on how to live
an environmental friendly, low impact life !

And of course there were the faces ...
the ones I did during Jude Hill's Patchwork Beasts Class

Faces for beasts, for who or whatever ...
never used, untill now.

The leaf, the head and the face
but .... I wasn't happy with the way the leaf veins turned out ...
so I pulled out the light green merino !

(a lot to choose from)

This is more like the original colour.

She got arms and legs, I made a template for a backside
of brown wool, then stitched the two sides together
and filled it loosely up with more wool.

Mrs. Green 

Well isn't it a coincidence that I made this green lady
at this moment ?
Today and tomorrow are special "SAVE OUR SOILS" days !
or here
(hmmmm ... they say : coincidence does not exist)

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