zondag 27 maart 2016

Happy Easter

What a fun day it was !

Looking for eggs in the garden

Chocolate eggs, candle eggs,
and even eggs made of sidewalk chalk !

After that we had yummy brownies
(home baked by Man)
and a gourmet dinner.

(tomorrow will be a rainy day ...
but this one was sunny and good !)

Yesterday I went to the St'nB
and could show there
my flat "Peteals"

Mmmmmmm !


it seems like I don't have enough
for a long (140 cm) scarf
and they

Is there anyone out there who has a bit left ?????

Crystal Palace Yarn 
"Mini Mochi"

colour 102

4 opmerkingen:

  1. there's some on Etsy but i don't know what the shipping costs would be:

  2. oops....i just see that she only ships to the US. try googling 'mini mochi 102' and you might find it elsewhere.

  3. Heerlijk zo'n hummeltje op eier zoektocht :-)!
    Ik hoop dat je nog wol kunt vinden, het wordt zo ontzettend mooi! Liefs van Mirjam.

  4. Thanks Deanna, I keep looking ...
    Alle drie de "hummeltjes" Mirjam ;-)