vrijdag 11 maart 2016

mixed feelings

At the moment
it's all knitting over here ...
The "petal cowl" is steadily growing.
Though I was "fighting" with the pattern in the beginning,
now I really know hów it all works !
In fact : 
I know the most rows by heart !

(but I don't forget to insert a "life line"
through the stitches from time to time !)

The fact that this pattern looks so well
is because I use a gradient yarn
(Noro Kureyon Sock, which is out of production now)
The switch from one colour to another
takes several metres.

The fun thing about NORO is the random
colour scheme,
that's why I  LOVE  this yarn.

Noro Kureyon Sock is a one ply yarn
that means that it's not very strong.
There is also sometimes very thin sections.

That means I have to do some needed repair :
I break the thread,
(sometimes even get a too thin section out !)
and "weave" the to thin parts in each other with a needle

So that's why I have these mixed feelings about this yarn !

10 opmerkingen:

  1. that yarn is soooo beautiful it's allowed to be a bit tricksy

    1. The fun is Mo, that it has colour changes that WE (probably) wouldn't think of .....

  2. oh you're doing great with this pattern. i have some Noro and you're right about the thinness in places but i think it will be ok.

    1. The thicker kind of Noro, isn't as "bad" as this .... but you're right : I love it more than I hate it, ha, ha, ha !

  3. Świetny wzór choć nie mam pojęcia jak go wykonać, coś ma się na rzeczy z tą igłą i narzucanymi oczkami. Szkoda, że nie zamieściłaś dokładnego opisu.

  4. Wow, das sind Farben und das Muster (sieht kompliziert aus) passt ganz genau....etwas für dich. Bis bald, Birgit

    1. War im Anfang kompliziert .... jetzt weiss ich was ich tue ... ;-)