zaterdag 12 maart 2016

to the "Stitch"

Almost every fortnight
I go to Rotterdam
for the Stitch'n Bitch group meeting
in an old pub in the city
(we are sitting on the second level that we can have all to ourselves :
there are few customers early Saturday morning
and the ones there are downstairs, don't hear our busy talking !)

My trip is by bike and boat :
a wonderful trip on this crisp sunny morning !

Nearly there

A little detour to do some early shopping

(Do you recognize some of it Nat ???)

The flower stalls on the market with their colourful display
ready for spring !

Then to the pub

for some coffee, tea and show and tell
What a lovely morning !

6 opmerkingen:

  1. Wow! What amazingly varied architiecture - like London, the very old with the super modern, but even more so - is that astonishng looking building the Markthal? Just Googled it - extraordinary

  2. Oh Els, you are teasing me! Of course I remembered the Markthal building. My all time favourite! I'd love to join your stitch and bitch one day. What a way to get there by bike and boat! Wonderful trip! xx

    1. I don't take my camera often ... was looking a bit with your eyes again (and remembering a lovely time !)

  3. Nice memories seeing all these photos xx