zondag 1 mei 2016

A cold

It's still a rather cold Spring,
and now ... I've got A "cold"
(got it from Man : he waited a week to pass it on ...)

But stitching and knitting goes on as usual,
so I was in R'dam today.
(uhhhhm ... it's late now : so I must say yesterday)
(my petal scarf is still growing
and the second ball of yarn is almost done)

A lot of scissor pouches and jewels
are finished now.

 (it was a bit of a problem to find big enough snaps)

I mounted some of my little quilts on canvas too.

I painted the canvas so it matches the cloth.

I made two more biscornu,
looooove that shape !

Earlier this week we had a celebration 
for some special occasion with daughter and the kids.
We went to "Hotel New York" for it in Rotterdam.
That is the old building from where the big 
ocean liners went with passengers to America 
from 1871 for almost a hundred years.
(now only cruise ships)

(the building on the left, with the two green towers, is Hotel New York)

Mmmmmmmmmmm !

That was GOOD  !

6 opmerkingen:

  1. Für dich und Mic noch gute Besserung, hoffentlich ist die Erkältung bald ganz ausgestanden! Deine Hände sind aber trotzdem in "Bewegung", schöne Filz-Arbeiten (dein Fisch hängt im Wohnzimmer am Schrank und ab und zu, wenn ich daran vorbeigehe, kraule ich ihm die Flossen ;o)

  2. Your little canvases look so beautiful! How very inconsiderate to give you a cold ;) Get better soon!
    Jess xx

  3. hope you are feeling all better Els, the quilt paintings on your painted canvases look fabulous!

  4. Ich mag deine Scherentäschchen und Kleinodien sehr.
    Alles ist so perfekt gefilzt.
    LG Angela

  5. Thanks ladies, feeling better (only a little bit of sneezing and sniffing left)
    Danke Angela ;-)