zaterdag 28 mei 2016

felting exchange

I got an email
that the little felted piece arrived safely
(it was a bit of a puzzle to get it 
in an envelope)

So here it is

(20 x 20 cm)
(+/-  8 x 8 ")

When we friends of the felting exchange
at Margriet's house, she gave each of us a little present :
a small plastic bag with some wool, silk paper,
a bit of lace, fluffy yarn, silver thread,
all in dark blue and white.

(Her own theme for the year was
"lace, ribbon, glitter stone")

We didn't have to use it for her felted piece,
but I just thought it was fun that I did !
And the "spikes" ... they just popped into my mind
when I was thinking what to make for her ...

the making of


and stitching
(beads for the "glitter")

I just realized I didn't show my piece for April
(that arrived just in time there)

That theme was "flutter beast"
Since I made already a butterfly for someone else
I made a bird instead

a seagull

(ha ... and it was not 20 x 20 cm)
Though we do not really live near the sea
these gracious birds are often flying here
with their bigger gray "nephews"

Some more pictures of daughter's beautifully knitted

I spare you delicate souls the totally naked picture :
they come as Mother Nature makes boys
(only their hats have to stay on) 

13 opmerkingen:

  1. Great! They are so cute, the two of them!
    warm greetings from Paris!

  2. love the wild blue anemone of the sea felting!

  3. Niebieski trawnik super- hiper. Mewa również.
    Moja córka płakała 30 lat temu jak sąsiedzi wykonywali demolki.

    1. Thanks Elizabeth.
      Grandson is laughing about the stupid things they do !
      He knows you don't suppose to work like that !

  4. It's so beautiful Els! It's a sculpture created by Els the artist! Just love it!

  5. you deserve a medal for getting it in an envelope Els!! Love the sculptural nature of that piece.

  6. Thanks Nat.
    Wasn't too bad Karen : just folded it backwards with a roll of bubble wrap in between ... ;-) (in an A4 envelope)

  7. Just beautiful what you make out of felt. and the two little guys are so cute.

  8. Heerlijke lapjes...! Maar die buurman en buurman die zijn ook geweldig...! De gezichtsuitdrukking echt zo sprekend...!

  9. All lovely!
    Love the little knitted men :) x