dinsdag 27 december 2016

quiet ... quiet ... quiet

Yes it's quiet here,
the year walks quietly to its end.
We had lovely family days
and the rest was really quiet.

Just mending a bit
(not for me)
and knitting
(the zigzag pattern)
and making some more stars
(for the tree)

The jeans of daughter that were lying around for quite some time :
busy mending at last !

the beginning

the outside                   ...         and using pliers !!!

(with some extra cotton fabric for strength)

Because the zigzag scarf pattern was so much fun
(using up all the sock yarn leftovers)
I thought I should make some socks
to go with the scarf

Now two socks on one circular needle

Nearly there !!!


I coloured some more wooden stars

such fun to do !

Some more for the tree ...

(which will be outside again soon !)

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