zondag 15 januari 2017

here again

It took some time,
but I'm here again ...
nothing much happened in between.

I think January is 
(for most people)
a month to be calm again
after all the busy things of December.

After I finished the blue zig-zag socks
I made the red ones for daughter.

(first try and change for the better pattern)

And because I loved the result of that second pair
I started similar ones for me again
(yes, I know, it's addictive ...)

A bit more purple and less orange / red.


In the first week of January arrived another
felting exchange piece
(and I thought I had them all ...)

 Thanks Geurdie !

(and there seems to come another one ...
I didn't count very well !)


When I saw on FB that my felting exchange friend Jolan
was participating in 1 year of stitches.
I thought to give it a go too ...
(though I really don't know IF I will keep it up)

But, it will be fun to be part of another stitching community.

Some thin dark blue noil silk
(with some thin white cotton under it)
in my big quilting hoop (40 cm)
I started with my "personal magic thread"
and will use the lovely indigo hand dyed embroidery thread

So far.


In the kitchen we discovered two days ago
a very strange guest

He or she probably slipped into our house
in a pot of fresh basil ...
(and now discovers that there's nothing to eat here at all !)

No spring in sight here :
just more winter !

10 opmerkingen:

  1. Your socks look beautiful, my favourite colours! I agree with you about January, a time to take stock, plan and to enjoy those cosy indoor projects.
    Jess xx

  2. Glad to see you've joined in with the stitching - a lovely beginning, I shall keep an eye and make sure you keep up to the mark (or at least I will if I manage to do so too!!). Have you found the Facebook group to post pics? Lots of inspiration there too, if you are on FB that is.
    I love those socks - I've only knitted two pairs myself, one for me, one for beloved daughter, but they are real fun to make aren't they

    1. Lots of inspiration indeed, Kat ! (some real artists there ...)
      I have more than ten pair now and wear them all the time in winter ! It's a lovely project when I'm "en route" to the St'nB group in Rotterdam ...

  3. beautiful stitching and such wild socks

    1. Don't know where to go with the stitching yet .... but some ideas ...
      No socks for you down there, Mo, ha, ha, ha !

  4. Love the socks, Els! I haven't had the nerve to get mine started - I've had the needles and yarn for over 2 years now! ;) I do frequently have something to stitch - at the moment I am sewing hexagons - yes, really! Lxxx

    1. Hexagons are fun Lynne !
      (you might want to send the yarn to me ... might be quicker ;-) !)

  5. I love the crocheted embellishment on that felted vessel. Also your knitting. Also your embroidery. That circle piece just radiates!

    1. The felting exchange always gave surprises ;-)
      My own socks are halfway there and the stitching goes intermittently ...