donderdag 19 januari 2017

so sad


I must say we saw it coming
since last Sunday :
our big brown Burmese cat Bagheera 
(in fact daughter's cat, but our long-term guest)
was getting very thin all of a sudden.
Stumbling sometimes,
didn't have much appetite,
plaintive meowing.

(yes, when we think back now,
there were some signs, days earlier ...
but he had his little ups and downs before)

We really didn't expect it to go worse that quick

His little blue sister Bella stood by him
all the time.

But tonight

we had to say goodbye

and let him go

Thanks, dear sweet-natured friend !

We all,
and especially your little sister,
will dearly miss you !

18 opmerkingen:

  1. Oh Els, it's so hard to lose a much loved feline friend - sending hugs across the sea to you from Sussex, I know just how it feels xxx

  2. RIP Bagheera, it was our privilege to have met you. Sorry for your loss Ele. Hugs from Nat and Tom

  3. Thanks Kat and Nat, the grief is still raw ...
    and it's not easy to hear the one left behind meowing.

  4. Oh Els, es tut mir so leid das zu hören und ich kann dich verstehen. Auch Tiere trauern ähnlich wie wir Menschen. Streichelt Bella von mir.

    1. Man glaubt sie weiss es genau, wenn sie uns anschaut ...
      (wir helfen einander)

  5. Oh Els, I'm so sorry for your loss. Losing beloved pets is worse than losing humans, I think. My heart goes out to you all. xo

    1. Thanks Connie.
      We hope Bella will settle again soon ...

  6. ooo het is altijd zo verdrietig een dierbare te verliezen heel veel sterkte xxxxxx

  7. Przepiękne, niczym w naturze dzikie, pazury jak u gepardów.

  8. So very sorry, Els. It is so hard when it is time to say goodbye to our beloved pets. They really are a member of our family. Sending big hugs.

  9. Very sad, but I am sure you gave your pet a good life.

  10. I am so sorry Els, my mum recently lost her much loved cat and I know how heartbreaking it is....take care of yourself x

  11. Thanks Jackie and Karen.
    (picking up the pieces and being good to little Bella)