zondag 13 augustus 2017

and some more ...

When you start and the going is GOOD
why stop ?

So here are more felted shells.

(I'm not the only one :
lots of other participants of  
Corinna Nitschmann 's on-line course
did exactly the same and felted several shells !)

For this one I used black (Bergschaf ?? but not very good)
mixed with glittering "Angelina" fibers
and little bits if green and yellow
(that my dear friend Birgit dyed and gave me)

The black fibers were very short,
made lousy felt and kept coming off in the process.

(we have some more ... but it will be difficult where to use it !)

Some stitches, with linen thread, to secure the folded top.

It shrunk very good    ....    and the next spiral one. 

(I secured the top of the spiral ones with invisible thread)

And this wonderful shell was done by Nature

and a talented person !!!

(NO, not me ... daughter brought it home for me
from some Festival !)

Ahhhh, and I totally forgot
to show the wonderful little bum bag daughter made
out of an old leather shirt !

(also a talented person !)


Last but not least : some visitors in the garden

Small, but beautiful !

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