vrijdag 11 augustus 2017

complicated ...

Veins in an oak leaf

nature did a good job creating this intricate "road map"
for every single leaf in the little oak tree
that's still, for now, in our garden.
(a jay planted it ...)

It had fallen off and had been in puddle of water
dissolving the chlorophyll, leaving only the veins.

Why do droplets stay on these leaves ?
(I think it's because of the way the surface of these leaves is made
with many many tiny hairs)

So many different forms in flowers

looking simple, but in fact complicated

Nature is a great artist !

The last felted objects I made,
the wrist warmers, were not very complicated
A simple straight form, with just a hole for the thumb.
Just fun to make ...

... and fun to stitch on.


when I saw something really complicated
on the blog that was made for the on-line felting course
I HAD to try it !

NOT easy ...
but worth the effort !!!

and NATURE did it first !!!
(and what a lovely house to live in ...)

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