zondag 6 mei 2018

green !

Spring is really here now
and the garden is an explosion of

So I completed the drawing / painting
of a few days ago
with a lot of green too ! 

Camassia leichtlinii

 Now it looks more like standing in its
natural surroundings of green and tiny bits of colour.

This is the Camassia's neighbour :
Polygonatum multiflorum,
only a few stems of a big wild bush !

Thanks Vicky !!!
(the sister of my dear garden-friend Rhonda
went to Australia and couldn't take her garden with her ...)

Many years ago from "wild" France
we brought this beauty home :
Asphodelus albus

This is the white Wisteria against the house.
though I've got it heavily pruned last year !
Such a lovely fragrance !

And now for something completely different :

the eldest grandson is the proud owner of some new "wheels" !
He started speed skating last autumn
and in summer they train on skeelers,
on 10 cm high wheels !!!
(almost as big as us now  ;-) ...)

This Saturday, while daughter and me
were at the "Alpaca-knitting club",
Man went to see the training !

(training with the grown-ups !)

4 opmerkingen:

  1. love seeing your lively spring in paint and photos as we drift through autumn & gosh, those look like seriously fast skates!

    1. Ahhh ((Mo)) autumn is beautiful as well (other sentiments though ...)
      YES they are ! (he's very proud, and gets a lot of compliments ;-) !)

  2. Ahh, spring! We are having the first signs at last. You have so many pretty flowers.

    1. Yes Jokke, that's the advantage of living a bit more south ;-)
      But spring will be over there with you too !