vrijdag 18 mei 2018

18 - 5 - 18

It is soooo hard to remember
how small he was :
our birthday boy of today !

Six years ago to the day :
only a few hours he had to stay in the incubator,
just to keep warm.

He's such a big boy now compared to this !!!

Though his legs are almost getting in the way,
he still loves to play with the wooden cart
(that his big sister and brother used before him)

Tomorrow we will throw a BBQ party for him !


The garden is still flowering like mad

Drawing each and everyone takes time ...

(much easier to take pictures !)


10 opmerkingen:

  1. (((Els))) love how your exploration of the details with these drawings and paintings brings a deeper understanding of the flowers in your garden

  2. What a pleasure grandchildren are... lovely flowers and lovely drawing. Sometimes it is so good to take a closer look.

    1. Danke dir ((Doris))
      Jaaaa der BBQ im Garten war schön : keine Sonne aber trocken ! (sonst wäre es bestimmt ZU heiss gewesen)

  3. Jullie hebben vast een geweldig feest gevierd...... Ja, verjaardagen moeten gevierd worden.

    1. Zeker weten Martine !!!
      (en eigenlijk moet je élke dag vieren ... !)

  4. What a cutie pie he is, and such joy on his face. And your irises - ohhh I do love a good iris :-)

    1. Yes, Kat, he sure is (just like the two "big" ones ;-) !)
      This big iris (germanica) is spectacular, but unfortunately not blooming too well ... I have also three smaller ones, they do much better!

  5. Thank you for visiting my blog, dear Els, I am glad that you like my scriptural writing!
    Now I've been looking what you do...
    You have such a nice, pretty son and a wonderful flower garden!
    Regards Ulrike

    1. Thanks Ulrike, love what you're doing !
      (b.t.w. GRANDson !)