woensdag 30 mei 2018


After the late start of the growing season
things are back on track now.
Plants and flowers take their turn.
One day you see the young start of something
and two weeks later you take the leftovers
so the next group can start flowering,
that's the way it always is.

The trees (we have four,
three in the backyard garden and one in front)
have leaves and no flowers anymore.
No more forget-me-not's, the blue bells, most of the irises,
the allium roseum and the early persicaria ...
all of it in the "green bin"

(I really don't have room for a compost heap !)

The lovely flowering polygonatum
is now under attack of the same caterpillars
that attack every year ... hmmm clever guys
(I made a quilt about that years ago !)

the foxgloves are beautiful

(this is a stray one ...)

and these buttery yellow digitalis grandiflora
(who starts with it's head down   ;-) ...)

And of course
the roses are starting to flower :
"New Dawn" and a darker pink bush.

Let me introduce : Mrs. BIG Allium christophii,

she will be a BIG delight for a loooong time !

Then there is that lovely

 Ornithogalum magnum

After yesterday's thunderstorm
there were dozens of these little visitors

tiny toads !

Early in the evening another thunderstorm building
gave these beautiful sun rays

The garden loved the rain that came later ...

With all the work in the garden
there was no time (read : energy) left for painting, felting or stitching.
But, now that most of the redundant "greens" are gone
there will be time for that again soon !

6 opmerkingen:

  1. your garden is real magic, you have such green fingers, wondering what are the blue & white flowers in the hanging basket in the first photo?

    1. ((Mo)) Thanks garden-master ! Enough rain makes it green ;-)
      In the basket (daughter's birthday present) is the annual Lobelia erinus white, blue and dark blue together
      (in late summer I have the more sturdy perennial Lobelia siphilitica)

  2. Beautiful garden,Els. Wished mine would be so wonderful.

    1. Thank you ((Doris))
      (when you were a bit nearer I could give you cuttings or seedlings ...)

  3. Hi Els, Good to see your blog is still going and to see your lovely garden full of spring flowers. I can understand why people enjoy gardening at this time of year. I'm in my garden too most of the time these days. I have been away from blogger far too long. I willl make more of an effort and visit you again. Happy Weekend.

    1. Hi Joanne (been a long time indeed .... happens sometimes)
      I have a dark red maple like yours (but our Bella is small and gray (and NOT spotted like Zigsa ha, ha, ha)