woensdag 18 juli 2018

18 - 7 - 18

Some fishy business ...

These last few days I've been busy felting fishes.

On Saturday August 18, I will have a stall

Because Zierikzee is so close to the sea
I thought I should make some fishes to take with me there.

(I made some fishes before, but there was only one left)

It's hard to believe I made a tiny ("pink") fish last October
with the template that lies on the blue/yellow one ...

Fish in progress ...

(no logic in it : but these fish are drying ...)


Daughter is making a new outfit
for her youngest when they go to Castle Fest
the first Sunday in August :
last year (you might remember) he was a dragon ...
Now he will be "Hiccup" the dragon rider !!!
(from "How to train your dragon 2"  from DreamWorks)

part one

(the original)

A very skillful daughter,
a shop with not too expensive fabrics,
a tiny bit of my stash,
and a lot of time
what a fierce dragon rider our grandson will be !

10 opmerkingen:

  1. (((Els))) your wild fish are magic and the dragon rider in your family will be very pleased!

    1. Ahhhh, thanks ((Mo)) a few stitches and my fish will be ready to swim away in the big wide world (sea)
      (a picture of our dragon rider will be there in some time )

  2. these are fabulous Els!! I hope you have huge success at the event, good luck !! xxx

    1. Thank you, Karen !!! I hope so too ;-)
      Still have some weeks to work !

  3. Deine Fische sind sehr schön geworden.
    Ganz liebe Inselgrüße

  4. What beautiful fishes and a fab costume x

    1. Ha, thanks Mrs. B ;-)
      (and the costume is "growing")