zondag 15 juli 2018

stitching in the sun

The weather is  w a r m .
I can hardly remember the last time it rained ...
(a week ago some very light drizzle ...
but you couldn't call that rain, when you asked the plants !)
Luckily there's water next to our garden !
So a lot of heavy watering cans every morning and evening.

Stitching is fine
(though in the shadow of the sunscreen !)

Silk, cotton, rayon and some beads on bourette silk

And because I had some more of that silk
I made a cuff too

Youngest grandson helped with another present
for the teacher that he is leaving.
The group he was is is called "the Guppies"
so his mom knitted six (his age now) little fishes.
He wanted to have hearts attached to them :
three silver ones (from my stash) and three he made himself,
of shrinking foil !
(Krimpie Dinkie)

The shrinking foil was such fun
that he made some more !

(the cat he kept for himself !!!)

Just saw something AMAZING on another blog :
the Gaia Mother Tree 
by the Brazilian artist Ernesto Neto
in the main railway station of Zürich, Switserland !

(more pictures on this blog !)
and here too !

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