woensdag 22 augustus 2018

embroidery exhibition

Today I went to nearby Gorinchem
with a exhibition about embroidery :
the local sampler embroidery association exists 30 years.
So modern samplers (and some very old ones!)
and a choice of other embroidery works.

For me it was a combination with a short workshop
by my friend Sary Maas

Sary is an expert
in various traditional embroidery techniques
and she loves to teach them to keep the knowledge
about them alive !
The traditional costume of Marken
is one of her favorites

a corset for a Marken-bride made to scale
with all the original elements
(all made by Sary !)

(the back with seven roses)

I had hoped to learn the rose,
but in the two (!) hours we could only start
on the small bag with another flower motif
(lovely too !)

Sary used the rose-motif in her own way
on a scarf

I will try this one too some day !!!

After we had lunch
I came back for the exhibition
(and Sari gave another workshop
for a new group of embroiderers)

There was traditional work from different countries

Dutch fashion

Frank Govers   en  Jan Taminiau

My all time favorite :

Tilleke Schwarz

Karola Pezarro

Barbara Broekman

Malou Busser

A big work of some square meters
and look at the detail : all chain stitch by hand !
(sorry ... don't remember her name ...)

And some of the "Merkwaardig" association work

And some very old sampler in "queen stitch"

inspired Sary to make a "Elizabethan Sweet Bag":
a little purse to carry some sweet scent in
to mask the (probably) horrible odour
of unwashed bodies and clothes
in old times ...

Sary's work
(with needle lace eggs and little biscornu)

If you live in Holland
it's a nice visit.

9 opmerkingen:

  1. Wow what an inspiring day, thanks for sharing Els!

    1. Yes Mo, Sary makes wonderful stuff and has LOTS of background information !
      Always nice to see fiber art up close !

  2. Hi Els -- amazing photos, what a day you must have had at the exhibit and workshop! I have been catching up here on your blog -- as always you continue to create so much beauty. I love the new chunky necklace. I hope you are feeling better, it's been hell hot here, too, watering is crucial, but the plants seem to love it, don't they? Some days I water at night in the dark which makes it feel like something really special. xoxo

    1. Thanks Peggy, feeling better though it was a s l o w process !
      The necklaces are really fun to make : choosing colours that fit together ;-)
      Ahhhh : you're a water-fairy !!!

  3. So inspiring to see those varied embroideries - and come away with fresh ideas both from what you've seen and from the workshop which looked like fun; your little bag is just beautiful.
    Glad you had such a successful day at the market, how wonderful to sell the things you make, I hope you came home with emptier boxes and a full purse :-)

    1. Yes Kat, enough inspiration !!! Alas, not my work that little bag : Sary's work is exquisite !
      The market was good for me (though not for other friends, there were less people than expected)

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