zondag 5 augustus 2018

she's góód !

Today daughter and kids
(this Sunday was the last of the four days
of performances, costumes, music, eating and FUN)

She has been working these last few weeks to make
fun outfits ...
You've seen it growing.
But when you go there you need to bring "stuff"
and you don't want to "spoil" your costume !

So together with the fierce Dragon rider Hiccup,
there was Toothless, his dragon :

trolley "Toothless"

Is she good or is she good !
(or am I prejudiced ...)


Yesterday we had our very special
Alpaca knitting club LUNCH !
This time we went to 

(if you live near Rotterdam I can gladly recommend
that you go there someday !!!
They have a lovely restaurant with good food, a shop,
you can pick flowers, strawberries or apples
depending what time of the year it is, of course )

Outside, in the shade of a screen
(it still promised to be another HOT day)

Some things finished, some things still in progress ...

And later :

a delicious lunch !


Last week my sweet "Queen of the night" bloomed again.
(Epiphyllum oxypetalum)

(number 8 and 9 !)


Slowly (my back is getting a bit better)
there comes a new necklace

Black, white, GRAY

I'm trying my luck with black beans too ...


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