zondag 26 augustus 2018

next market

In a week I will go to another market

Sunday September 2
12.00  - 17.00

I will take my textile jewels and accessories
(felt and textile)
small quilts
and the gouache paintings.
(all of them neatly framed)

This one will not be there
because it was a present for grandson's birthday.

But I will bring many others

I have this lovely box for my broches
and because I sold some in Zierikzee
I made some new ones

For them I used the lovely thick felt
daughter made some time ago.
The green/blue silk embroidery thread
Doris sent to me
came in good use too !

10 opmerkingen:

  1. such beautiful jewels & your painting is a delight!

    1. Thanks ((Mo))
      (finding new "stories" for paintings isn't hard at all !)

  2. oh I adore the picture you made for your grandson Els, it's gorgeous! Good luck at the market. I hope you sell everything!!!

    1. Thank you very much Karen !
      ("everything" will be too much to hope for ha, ha !)

  3. The painting is awesome. He will be so happy with it.
    The jewels are very beautiful too. I still love the fish broche you gave me.

    1. Helaas is ie allergisch, én hij is gek op haar ... zo zijn ze toch echt samen !
      Er blijven maar visjes tevoorschijn komen, Els !

  4. Such a beautiful painting, painted with such love x

  5. Thanks Mrs. B !
    (it's only about 2.75 x 2.75" !)