zondag 9 september 2018


Yesterday Man and I were at the

The name comes from  
Margaretha Turnor
Chatelaine of the Amerongen Castle
in the seventeenth century.

The people of Amerongen have chosen her name
(also the flower "marguerite", which is "margriet" in Dutch !)
for their market of organic products,
art, music and other cultural events,
which they hold twice a year.

I've visited and attended several markets this year
and I must say :
this one was the best !

A good organization, a lovely place,
fun events and life music.
We had wonderful, kind helping
lovely customers and nice sales !
I hope they all enjoy their purchases

Thanks "Grietmarkt"

Just at the start of the day

Us, and the neighbours opposite with weaving products
(made by mentally disabled in a social workplace)

The wonderful ceramic birds "next door"

a silversmith and embroidered landscapes

bird feeder- coffee cups and insect hotels 

more paintings

Many, many, many people with lovely items,
I didn't take pictures of them all ...

A special fashion show by a group of "Down" people

Crafting, a puppet-show
and a small carousel for the youngest visitors !

I didn't take pictures of the many delicious
organic-food stands either, but there were many.
We took home some gorgeous chanterelle mushrooms for diner !

All in all a wonderful day !

6 opmerkingen:

  1. (((Els))) you and your table look fabulous, good to hear that it was a successful and fun day!

  2. Jullie kraam zag er zo te zien weer prachtig uit. Heerlijk dat het ook zo'n succes was en jullie zo genoten hebben.

    1. Dankjewel Els ! Het maakt denk ik veel uit dat het ook een biologische markt is !!!

  3. What a beautiful market, and those owls!!!!!! x

    1. YES it really was !!!
      My next-door neighbour made gorgeous ceramics : that tiny owl was soooo cute , and the barn owls ... (she makes them first out of paper and then out of thin slices of clay)